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Sukyo Mahikari Center Washington DC
Sukyo Mahikari
Sukyo Mahikari Center Washington DC
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Bruce McBarnette

Upcoming Events Produced by Bruce

Indoor Track Outing

March 1 2015, Sunday, at Episcopal High School

Rotary on the Vine Wine Tasting

March 14 2015, Saturday, at Gannet/USA Headquarters

Hike, Potluck, and Light

April 19 2015, Sunday, W&OD Trail in Arlington, VA

Hike, Pizza, and Light

April 26 2015, Sunday, at Soap Stone Valley Trail

2014 Past Events

March 1, Sunday Indoor Track Outing, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA

Join Bruce McBarnette and friends at the Indoor Potomac Valley Indoor Track and Field Championships.

Bruce expects to attempt a new world record for his age group in the high jump.

The meet begins at 11am and so does the high jump.

Admission is free.

Bruce will join friends after the meet for refreshments.

Episcopal High School is at 1200 N Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302.

To RSVP contact Bruce McBarnette, brucemcbarnette@gmail.com, (703) 404-8429.

March 14, 2015, Rotary on the Vine Wine Tasting, Saturday 7-10pm

Saturday, March 14 2015,  Rotary on the Vine Wine Tasting, 7-10pm

Miss America, 2011 Teresa Scanlan will be hosting this event with Bruce McBarnette and the Rotary Club of Tysons Corner.

Taste and learn about variety of wines.

Enter a $25 raffle for airfare and a week stay in a villa along the coast of Spain.

Details are at www.rotaryonthevine.com

Miss America, 2011

Teresa Scanlan

April 19, 2015, Hike, Potluck and Light, Sunday 10am

April 19, Sunday, Hike, Potluck, and Light, W&OD Trail, Arlington, VA, 10am

Join Audrey Kremer, Bruce McBarnette, and friends on a hike of a the Four Mile Run trail in Arlington, VA.

After the hike, we will enjoy a pot luck lunch. During the lunch some of us will receive a relaxing, revitalizing form of energy called “light” from Sukyo Mahikari practitioners who will be joining us. Besides the pot luck item you bring, there is no cost.

We will meet at the home of Audrey Kremer, 210 N. Manchester Street, Arlington, VA 22203 at 10am.

The hike is 4 miles, mostly flat and paved. There is a frisbee golf area course along the way in case you want to play. After the hike we will return to Audrey Kremer's home and enjoy a pot luck lunch around 12:30pm. Audrey will provide vegan quinoa, tea, and coffee. If you stay for lunch, please bring some food or a dish to share. Do not bring shell fish. Regular fish is fine, however. Let Audrey know what you are bringing. There will be refrigerator space available for food during the hike and a microwave available after the hike.

RSVP with her at audrey_email@yahoo.com

For more information about the hike visit http://www.traillink.com/trail/four-mile-run-trail.aspx

For more information about Sukyo Mahikari visit http://dc.sukyomahikari.org/

Home of Audrey Kremer

April 26, 2015, Hike, Pizza and Light, Sunday 12pm

April 26, Hike, Pizza, and Light, Soap Stone Valley Trail, Washington, DC, 12pm

Join Bruce McBarnette and friends on a hike of a the Soapstone Valley trail to the historic Pierce Mill in Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC.

After the hike we visit the Washington DC Sukyo Mahikari center were we will enjoy pizza and refreshments and where some of us will receive a relaxing, revitalizing form of energy called “light” from Sukyo Mahikari practitioners. Everything including the pizza is free.

We will meet at 12pm at the Entrance to the Soapstone Valley Trail which is on Albemarle Street near the intersection of Albermarle and 32nd Street, about 450 feet east of Connecticut Avenue., NW.

We will take the trail to Rock Creek and walk to Pierce Mill, a historic stone mill, and then return. The hike is about 2.4 miles and we should be done by 1:450pm.

After the hike, we will go to the Mahikari Center, which  is around the corner from the entrance to the Soapstone Valley Trail. The Center's address is at 4479 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008. The website is http://sukyomahikari.org

If you plan to come, RSVP with Bruce McBarnette at josette@mcbarnette.com or call (703) 404-8429.

Soapstone Valley Trail Entrance

Past Events Produced by Bruce Olvin McBarnette

Bruce McBarnette, Esq., left, and Mario Skunca, deputy chief of mission of the Croatian Embassy.

Photo courtesy Bruce McBarnette.

Judy Kosovich, Bruce McBarnette, Esq and Sandra Sigur at the Capitol Wellness Expo

Photo courtesy Bruce McBarnette.

Bruce McBarnette, and Cathy Broad at Billy Goat Trail

Photo courtesy Bruce McBarnette.

Contact Information: Bruce McBarnette, Esq.     248 Willow Terrace  Sterling VA 20164    (703) 404-8429 bruce@mcbarnette.com