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Bruce McBarnette is available to do speaking engagements on several topics.

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Go For Success

In this course your instructor, High Jump Champion, lawyer, and actor Bruce McBarnette will teach you critical techniques that you can use to inspire yourself to success no matter what field of endeavor you are in. These same techniques have been used by many of the most successful and accomplished people in human history. Mr. McBarnette has used these same techniques to win 8 World Championships for his age group in track and field and 22 USA championships, while managing a career as an attorney, US Army officer, business owner, and actor.  Mr. McBarnette is also a graduate of Princeton University where he was president of his class.

This course can be taught in one session between 15 minutes to 50 minutes. It may include group exercises depending upon the time available.

Turbo Charge Your Memory

Master names! Remember vital business information! Improve your grades and cut study time! You can achieve these goals by learning the memory techniques taught in this seminar. You will learn how to memorize quickly and effectively names, vocabulary, foreign words, lists, numbers, and other useful information. This seminar will teach you some of the same time proven methods used by ancient Greek and Roman scholars.

Successful Real Estate Investing

Create wealth by investing in real estate, just as most self-made millionaires do. This course will show you the fundamentals of safe and successful real estate investing. Topics covered will include how to locate good buys, negotiate with sellers, do creative financing, work deals with investors and much more.

Your instructor, Bruce McBarnette, Esq. is a former senior counsel for the Federal National Mortgage Association and has owned investment property in six different states.

Breaking Into Movie and Television Acting

Do you want to be in movies, but do not now how? Breaking into Movie and Television Acting will show you. You will learn how to get on screen and how to market yourself, which is what distinguishes successful actors from aspiring actors. You will also get tips on auditioning and learn who are the best agents in the region and how you can use them to build your career. Your instructor, Bruce McBarnette, is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has been in several movies including, Murder at 1600, Pelican Brief, and Clear and Present Danger.

Contact Information: Bruce McBarnette, Esq.     248 Willow Terrace  Sterling VA 20164    (703) 404-8429 bruce@mcbarnette.com