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“I could not have been happier choosing Bruce McBarnette as my LSAT tutor. When I started practicing exams, I was already getting decent scores, but Bruce helped me take my scores to the next level. No matter what your goals are on the LSAT, Bruce is prepared to get you there. Not only are his lessons and homework extremely helpful, but Bruce is also very supportive and flexible with his time. Study with Bruce’s tutoring and you will be more than satisfied.”

Jason Mollick

LSAT. Scored 171

"Bruce McBarnette is the most cost-effective way to prepare for a graduate school entrance examination. His strategies, methodologies, practice problems, and instruction make an impact without wasting a minute of a student's time. Not only is he highly intelligent in his own right, Bruce is an extraordinary man, a role model, and an inspiring motivator. Because of his deep reservoir of teaching experience, he could customize specific techniques for my needs. Bruce also helped me form a study plan, manage stress, and positively visualize my goal. Great test scores are not always the result of intelligence. Work with Bruce, study dilligently, and the investment will pay off in the form of more and better graduate school opportunities."

Zac Bookman

LSAT. Scored 173

"Bruce tutored me for my LSAT. I was not sure what to expect with the exam and after taking a few practice tests I needed a tutor to guide me. I stayed clear of places like Kaplan because I wanted to one on one attention. This helped me a lot because we were able to focus on specific areas in which I was weak and I also had a lot of time to practice. My schedule was busy but Bruce still found time to help me out, even at 12:00 midnight. My score increased dramtically over the course of our sessions and thanks to Bruce and his committment I will be heading to one of the top law schools. Thanks Bruce."

Ahmadu Garba

LSAT. First Practice was 138. Scored 162

"Bruce provides excellent, clear explanations of difficult sections and his techniques were often more effective than those I was taught at a big-name LSAT program. If you become proficient with his sample questions, you will have no problem with the LSAT."

Ari Stern

LSAT Scored 160

"Bruce McBarnette is a responsible, intelligent and experienced tutor whose best quality is his ability to explain the seemingly inexplainable portions of standardized tests."

Ben Greenblum, Universtiy of Pennsylvania School of Law

"Just wanted to drop you a note to express my gratitude for your outstanding tutelage over the summer. I found out yesterday that I scored a 167 on the LSAT--an improvement of some 12+ points over my first try...The Tutoring sessions with you were extremely worthwhile--I couldn't be more pleased with my results."

Stewart Bartow

LSAT. Scored 167.

"With his constant encouragement and guidance during my preparation for the LSAT, Bruce McBarnette has helped me raise my score by 9 points. I am very grateful for our sessions."

Michelle Nguyen


"My preparation for the LSAT would not have been as successful without the aid of Mr. Bruce McBarnette. With Mr. McBarnette's help I got both the techniques and mental edge I needed to attack the LSAT. I was able to improve my score by 22 points with the aid of his tutorial. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. McBarnette as a tutor."

Rosalyn Onah


"Bruce McBarnette has provided me clear direction on how to best prepare for the Graduate Management Admissions Test. In addition, he has given me the foundation necessary to have a complete understanding of the analytical component of the test."

Meredith Burnett

GMAT. Scored in 97th percentile in essay section

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